Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flyby Fancies

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Here are a couple of shots I took on a pretty miserable Bastille Day here in Paris yesterday.

I'd arrived late, as usual (why I can never get out of bed in time I'll never know) and was heading somewhat despondently home having sat on a bench on the Champs Elysées for about half an hour watching people's backs and hearing an American dad trying to convince his tearful family that really, if they had got there early enough to see the parade from the front they'd all be whinging about when it was going to start and be hungry and desperate to go to the toilet and other such unpleasantries to little avail.

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But as I was heading back to the Invalides RER station I thought I'd just go on along to the Pont de la Concorde, in between Place de la Concorde, where all the action was happening, and the Assemblée Nationale, just in case there was anything to see. And sure enough, this was the place where all the fancy troops left the show and ambled home, but most of them at least managed to march across the bridge before breaking for their buses and trucks waiting for them. And there was hardly anyone there - amazing!

Well, I waited there for a while, and eventually the official start of the show I wasn't going to see started with various planes flying over, beginning with the very impressive nice planes trailing patriotic smoke trails behind them, as smoking is still allowed outside even if it has been banned in enclosed public spaces...

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The light was pretty bad and getting worse all the time, so I thought that even if I got one vaguely ok shot I'd be lucky. So I snapped away like crazy as the planes went over, hoping for the best and feeling the first speck of rain through my flimsy t-shirt which was all I had due to the heat wave that had been dumped on France for the last couple of days.

Anyway, the heavens opened shortly afterwards and had us all either unfurling umbrellas faster than you can say 'Liberté, Egalité, Vos Papiers' or, for those of us without, trying to huddle under our new best friends' ones. I found myself not close enough to share the person next to me's umbrella but just close enough to be directly under the run-off, so scarpered for the nearest bus shelter and forgot about the 14th July parade for another year.

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