Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Parking It Up

Today's new photos are for the following sections on the Paris Photo Walks website...

Theme Walks:  Park Walks:  Cité Universitaire
Curiosity Walks:  Quiz Walks:  Parc Montsouris

Don't forget these are the 'before' versions. Click on the photos to discover the transformation and how it was done.

This is the entrance to the Cité Universitaire, in the south of Paris, just opposite the Parc Montsouris.

It sounds like it's actually a university to untrained ears, and I thought for years that it was actually called 'Cité Université', as in 'the City University', but that's not the case. In fact cité is used in French to mean an ensemble of buildings, and universitaire is actually an adjective describing its purpose. Which is to house thousands of foreign students and there are about 40 different 'houses' for different countries.

As you can see, it's a rather impressive, and beautiful complex, with a wide variety of architectural styles, often harking back to the country itself.

If you're wondering why the picture above is looking a bit seasick it's because I was about to get creative, and hot on the heels of that one came this, which I think you'll agree is pretty spaced out and kind of cool!

I was actually working on my soon-to-be-published Parc Montsouris Quiz Walk, and I wanted a picture where it was quite difficult to recognise what it was, so that's one of the reasons it's so whacky.

It was amazing walking all the way round, and I mean ALL the way round - every little nook and cranny and hidden winding path - to discover all the fun stuff to show you. So I'm pretty excited about getting the walks out there. In fact I killed two birds with one stone as it were, shooting most of the shots I needed both for the classic Parc Montsouris Photo Walk as well as the Photo Quiz of the park, which will be different and a real chance for you to test your knowledge of Paris over the next few months. I hope you like them and do let me know what you think!

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