Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Down The Park

Today's new photos are for the following sections on the Paris Photo Walks website, in no particular order...

Park Walks: Cité Universitaire       Quiz Walks: Parc Montsouris
Train Walks: Petite Ceinture       Curiosity Walks: Café Walks

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Here we are in the Parc Montsouris, and the lighting conditions for this one were not ideal - very flat and lifeless - so I had to do some serious kicking in the digital teeth to bring it up to scratch for the site!

It's funny, when I analyse something for one of my blogs how I realise that there is so much more to things than at first meets the eye. I wonder how many other people, just like me, wondered past this terribly moving statue without giving it a second thought or glance.

I know I'd run past it many many times, as Parc Montsouris has been my local running track for a few years now, without even realising what it was about. And its story is really worth knowing - it's about the forming of the Paris we know today, and the hardships and tragedies that went into making it...

You'll also find an in-depth discussion of how I transformed it from the rather gloomy shot you see at the top of this page to something I have to say I'm rather pleased with.

Still in the park, this one is part of one of my new quizzes, and I love it. I'm a sucker for anything mysterious, and spooky tunnels like this one in the middle of a nice, safe public area are great fodder for my lens. Then I like to create a nice little story about them too sometimes, which you can read on my 'Paris and I' blog.

I enjoyed playing around with this one, and both improving what was a terribly contrasty shot and also adding a little atmosphere of my own.

As you know, I'm right at the beginning of this Paris Photo Walks adventure, and this won't be the last time I'll ask your forgiveness for the skantiness of what's available on the site at the moment. That is to say: not much, and most of that's crap! Over the next few months and years you should see it grow into one of the most comprehensive collections of cool photos and fascinating Paris walks around - that's my aim in any case. Your hints and tips for me would be greatly appreciated too - just leave a comment below and I'll reply, many thanks.

Finally, I've been poking fun at McDonalds recently, on the Paris and I iPhone blog. At first I posted this one, which is a Stegosaurus (just make that up, honestly) or something outside the Musée de l'Histoire Naturelle but who looks like he's outside McDonalds!

Then I felt really guilty and tried to make up for it by praising and eulogising their cafés and pain au chocolats to the skies. One of them must be right...

I'll be very busy on a non-photo related project for the next two or three weeks, but I hope to find a way to keep these posts coming, as I'm pretty fired up about it and just need your support and comments to let me know I'm going in the right direction.

I've just found what I hope will be a great new opportunity for me to get more photos taken - a Paris walking group which doesn't seem to be photography-driven, which is just what I'm looking for, believe it or not! More later!

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