Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Columns & Communions

Today's new photos are for the following sections on the Paris Photo Walks website, in no particular order...

Arrondissement Walks: 1st   ~   Church Walks: Saint Eustache
Curiosity Walks: Column Walk   ~   Historic Walks: de Médicis

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This one from the Paris and I photo blog is from the apse of the Saint Eustache church in the Les Halles district in the 1st arrondissement. As with any artistic photo, and particularly so for my iPhone camera phone pics, I try to add something different and personal and above all intriguing to my shots.

So first of all I liked seeing this lone chap just sitting there at the quiet end of this very imposing church just thinking his thoughts and doing his thing. That would have been enough for me, although it would have been a very different shot to the final one.

Then, out of nowhere comes this black-clad, witch-like figure of a woman and I thought to myself: 'That's my photo!'...

All I needed to do then was let my imagination run wild with some words and some post-processing and there you have it! Great fun.

And then, literally just round the corner from there, is this amazing building - the Bourse (the old Paris Stock Exchange) and this history-laden tower, the Colonne de Médicis. It dominates one of the exits from the Les Halles shopping centre, creating a not-Eiffel-Tower-unlike composition with the two converging escalators.

Doing the research on this thing was also great fun, and you can learn more about that somewhere on one of my sites or blogs, because I could swear I've written about it, but can't for the life of me remember where...

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